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Our products are bought locally every week, for this reason our menù is constantly changing and you can find fresh and seasonally products


Tuscan panzanella (dried bread cubes, cherry tomatoes, basil, red onion and cucumbers)  8€
“Summer Symphony” – Vegetables and fruits seasonal salad on a cold pea, leek and basil cream with grilled tempeh and lemon citronette  9€
Zucchini flan, chopped hazelnuts, seirass(sheep milk cheese) and fried courgette flower 10€
Warm soup of peas and mussels with chickpeas crunchy waffle and sprouts  10€
Fassona breed of cattle tartare, waffle of rice and anchovy, mayonnaise with chives  10€
Chef Marta’s “Vitello tonnato”(Piedmontese specialty) – Veal with tuna sauce  11€
Piedmontese starters dish (Tartare, Zucchini flan, Vitello tonnato)  13€

Cheese and meats

Selection of Piedmontese cheese  10€
Selection of Piedmontese meats and cheese (small/big)  8/14€

Fresh pasta

Black rice, courgettes, extra virgin olive oil with mint and red pepper powder  10€
Paccheri (type of short pasta) with rabbit ragout, sautéed pak choi, soy sauce and lemon zest  12€
Fresh spaghetti with extravirgin oil, garlic, chilli pepper, shrimp, baby spinach and crunchy crumb with citrus  12€
Linguine all’amatriciana with fish (tomato, pork cheek, octopus, prawns and mussels)  13€
Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms  13€

Second course

Hamburger “Pellico”: Fassona Piedmontese meat, bacon, toma cheese, green salad, tomatoes, caramelized onions  10€
“Grissinopoli di pollo” (chicken’s breast coated with breadsticks crumbs and herbs) with cream of balsamic vinegar and green beans  11€
Eggplant, mint and chickpea meatballs with turmeric and vegan tzatziki sauce 12€
Pork neck chop, potato mousse with green pepper, sautéed broccoli and Tropea onion petals  14€
Seared octopus on mango gazpacho and datterini tomatoes confit  16€
Sliced Fassona sirloin steak (Tagliata) with baked potatoes  18€
Seared amberjack on pumpkin cream, cocoa and amaretti crumble, crunchy zucchini  19€


Baked potatoes  4€
Baked zucchini  4€
Stir-fried broccoli  4€
Mixed salad  5€

Homemade desserts

Peaches cooked with Maraschino liqueur on vegan basil custard, chopped hazelnuts 5,5€
Mango cheesecake  5,5€
Ricotta and lemon mousse, coulis of black mulberries and sage crumble  6€
Bunet (typical Piedmontese dessert) made with “torcetti” butter biscuits, Pantelleria raisin wine reduction and orange peel 6€
Lemon sorbet  3,5€
Three flavours ice cream cup: cream, marotto (chocolate and gianduia) and strawberry  5,5€
Torcetti and Pasta di Meliga (Butter biscuits of Piedmont) with a glass of raisin wine  6€


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