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Our products are bought locally every week, for this reason our menù is constantly changing and you can find fresh and seasonally products.


Three “tomini” (Piedmont’s fresh cheese) with three different sauces  € 6
Savoy cabbage, potato and shallot flan with fontina cheese fondue € 8
Fassona breed of cattle tartare, thyme, ginger and cream of spring onion € 9
Parmesan basket with porcini mushrooms, songino, green apple, walnuts and balsamic vinegar € 10
Cabbage roll stuffed with rainbow trout and salmon* with marinated carrots and soy sauce € 10
Piedmontaise starters dish (One tomino with hazelnut sauce / Savoy cabbage, potato and shallot flan with fontina cheese fondue / Tartare) € 11

Selection of Piedmontese cheese  € 10
Selection of Piedmontese meats and cheese (small/big)  € 8/14
Selection of blue cheese (Gorgonzola – Italy, Stilton – England, Roquefort – France) paired with a glass of “Le Vieux Chai” (Cave des Producteurs de Jurancon, 2015) € 12

Fresh pasta

Orecchiette with cauliflower cream, dried tomatoes, fried capers and rye bread crumbs € 9
Fusilli with sausage ragout, turnip greens cream and toasted almond flakes € 10
Trenette (long type of pasta) with octopus* and mussels* ragout € 12
Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms € 13

Second course

Broccoli, lentil, potato and black sesame meatballs with a slightly spicy cherry tomato sauce € 10
“Grissinopoli di pollo” (chicken’s breast coated with breadsticks crumbs) with cream of balsamic vinegar and baked potatoes € 11
Pork fillet with porcini mushrooms and sauteed puntarelle chicory € 14
Baked rabbit with pears cooked with vermouth and braised Borettane onions € 14
Skewers of scabbard fish, courgettes and pesto bread on curry cream, baked red peppers € 15
Slices of “Fassona”(Piedmontese breed of cattle) sirloin steak with a side you can choose € 17


“Cavour” (180g. Fassona Piedmontese meat, salad, tomatoes, toma cheese, green sauce) € 10
“Pellico” (180 g. Fassona Piedmontese meat, bacon, salad, tomatoes, caramelized onions) € 10
“Mazzini” (Soy burger, fried egg, salad, tomatoes, fontina cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise) € 10


Baked potatoes  € 3,5
Puntarelle chicory € 3,5
Baked pumpkin € 3,5


Mixed salad  small/big (Green salad, red salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots)  € 4
Carbonari Salad (Iceberg salad, red radish, cherry tomatoes, croutons, mint yogurt sauce) € 8

Homemade desserts

Lemon sorbet  € 3,5
Fresh fruit  with fiordilatte ice cream  € 5
Vegan apple crumble € 5
Catalan cream € 5
Tiramisu with chopped pistachios € 5
Chocolate salami with hazelnuts and saffron sauce € 5
Torcetti and Pasta di Meliga (typical butter biscuits of Piedmont) with a glass of Caluso Passito “Sulé”  € 6
Sicilian Modica Chocolate (choice between: 80% or Chili Pepper) paired with a glass of Barolo Chinato



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